Fiordland Big 3

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big 3 1

It's a Fiordland thing. Every winter in Te Anau a fiercely-fought competition takes place with some very simple rules.

You have to catch three. And to win, they have to be the heaviest. 
Adults catch one deer, one pig and one trout. Children catch one possum, one fish, and a hare or a rabbit. (Kids are free to enter but there is a charge for adults.)

Then you come along and display your catches at the Rugby Ground on Dusky Street, at the north end of town. The judges make some tough decisions that determine hunting and angling reputations for the next year. But it's not just about your reputation. There are some amazing prizes, with a total prize pool usually well over $10,000. So it's worth getting out into the bush, lakes and rivers.

There's plenty of entertainment alongside it, including the show-of-strength pig-carrying competition. To demonstrate Fiordlander's dislike of possums, there is even a possum throwing competition. (Australian possums are a destructive and non-native species that kill native NZ birds.)

It all happens on the Queens Birthday weekend at the end of May / beginning of June, with the prize giving on the Sunday. All proceeds go to the local primary schools.

For more information, go to the Te Anau Events website