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Fiordland is a landscape and nature photographer's paradise. Immense diversity offers never-ending inspiration. Pictures of Fiordland are the highlight of all coffee table books about New Zealand, with many famous photographers having caught the unique atmosphere of the world-heritage ranked paradise.

A good place to start taking pictures is the shores of Lake Te Anau and Lake Manapouri. They are both frequently blessed by photogenic morning light, twilight, and misty fog rolling above the lake or gloomy cloud formations. Rugged mountain ranges, lush rainforest, and fiord valleys also beckon. Alternatively, try to capture Fiordland's unique birds and alpine fauna.

If you are a diver, then dive photography presents you with an opportunity to capture underwater gardens, including unique black corals (actually they are white) and rich marine life.

Te Anau is home to several award-winning photographers including Barry Harcourt of the Southland Times newspaper and Graham Dainty ( ).

Accessible spots to take great photos

There are plenty of accessible places to take great photographs in Fiordland. The most obvious are listed here:

Seasonal photography

Winter, spring and autumn are great times for photography in Fiordland. Winter is possibly the best for bird's-eye view shots while there is great visibility and snow-adorned mountains. During spring, you can capture flowering trees and plants, such as the golden kowhai flowers. At this time of year birds such as tui or bellbirds are easier to capture feasting on nectar. Autumn is also special in Te Anau, where there are many introduced deciduous trees that create a mellow colourful atmosphere, with mountains in the background.

The majority of photos on this website are provided by Martin Sliva, New Zealand Photo.