Polar Plunge 2015

te anau polar plunge event 2015

The Polar Plunge 2015 was a brilliant community event to raise funds for the Te Anau Primary school year six children and their annual camp. 

Thousands of dollars were raised by adults and children in the community plunging into the icy waters of Lake Te Anau on the shortest day of the year, and certainly a wet one, both in and out of the water (it was raining at the time). 

The first to go in, were the brave year six children, dressed in a range of colourful outfits, including a polar bear suit, a tinkerbell outfit, and Frozen characters. 

te anau lake polar plunge 2015The next to take the plunge were local adult "identities", including police officer Dwight Grieve (dressed as fairy cop), pharmacist George Batchelor (bottle of ketchup), former rugby star and local supermarket owner Callum Bruce (red skirt, silver hair), doctor Liz Scott (chicken), and restaurant co-owner Ryan Murray (lego man).

Following on with lots of enthusiasm were many other residents, including children and adults. Nigel Stock, 34, who went in dressed as a Hawaiian beauty, said: "People had smiles on their faces when they went into the water and amazingly when they got out the water. It was so fantastic that everyone was so happy given the temperature! What a marvellous community event."

Arlo Hill, who went in dressed as tigger from Winnie the Pooh, and promises to plunge again next year, said: "People enjoyed going into the freezing cold water. I jumped right in and loved it. They breed people to be tough in Fiordland. But I wasn't born here so I have to admit I was really cold when I got out!"

There were spot prizes afterwards, and prizes for the best outfits. Everyone who plunged got a free hot chocolate and a sausage in a bun. 

te anau lake polar 2015