Sports and sport clubs

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Sports & sport clubs in Te Anau and ManapouriFiordland's sports facilities are simply outstanding for the size of the community. Its tennis courts are brand new. They are just behind the Te Anau Community Events Centre, and comprise five tennis courts and three netball courts. Inside the Te Anau Community Events Centre is a squash club, and there's also a bowling club right next door.  There's a rugby ground towards the north end of the town, and a thriving soccer club too. We also love our fishing, hunting, tramping and running in the amazing Fiordland National Park right next door, and have many sporting clubs reflecting these interests.

Our sports clubs are friendly and love opening their doors to members and non-members alike. Browse the below list of clubs.

Notice to sports club organisers: This page is under constant development. If your club is not listed, or its details need developing, let us know by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Wherever possible, we  link to your website or facebook page. If you don't have a website, we can create a web page for you on this site for free, listing what you do and when you meet, and linking to a facebook page we help you create listing your up and coming events. Get in touch to discuss this free of charge service.

For information on swimming pools and clubs, go to our swimming page.

Fiordland Athletic Club  

Fiordland Aero Club

Fiordland Firearms Club 

Fiordland Netball 

Fiordland Tramping and Outdoor Recreation Club 

Marakura Yacht Club

Open Water Swimming Group 

Te Anau Bowling Club  

Te Anau Croquet Club  

Te Anau Cycling Inc 

Te Anau Rodeo Club 

Te Anau Rugby Club

Te Anau Tennis Club 

Te Anau Senior Walking Group  

Te Anau Yoga 

Phone the below clubs for details of their activities: 

Kung Fu Te Anau 03 249 7446

Fiordland Squash Club 03 249 9377

Te Anau Pony Club 03 249 7399

Te Anau Rod and Gun Club 03 249 7495

Fiordland Rowing Club 03 249 7372

Te Anau Smallbore Rifle Club (see them in action below) (meets Wednesdays 7.30pm at the Community Events Centre) 03 249 8309 or 7146

Te Anau Trampoline Club

03 249 4106

Smallbore club

We are still collecting information about the following clubs: 

Badminton Club

Bowling Club 

Kung Fu Club

Soccer Club