Star gazing tours

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Fancy an out of world experience? In Te Anau we have plenty of people who avidly watch the skies. They aren't seeking aliens; they are marvelling at our amazingly clean air and bright stars, in a sky mercifully free from city pollution and light pollution. 

Luckily, you can join them, thanks to Astronomy Fiordland, which offers 90 minute night sky tours from their observing site. In bad weather, or just for fun, you can also enter their planetarium, a portable "star dome" that teaches you the stars. 

Both astronomy trips excel at bringing the universe to life with a focus on New Zealand and Maori themes, legends, constellations (including the Southern Cross) and unique objects visible from southern lattitudes. Much of the information and constellations shown are also relevant to the northern hemisphere. Indeed, if you're a guest from north of the equator you will not only have a unique southern experience, you'll also be able to take knowledge home and relate it to your local sky.

For more information, go to Astronomy Fiordland's website