Te Anau Harness Racing

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Te Anau Harness Street RacesThe Te Anau Harness Street Races, held annually in January, were first established in 1992. Mokonui Street (a wide street parallel to the lake front, just one street back) is shut to traffic for the day and covered in sand, ready for some pounding of hooves and reckless betting! Each race involves two horses with traps and riders trying to out-pace each other.

The day is very popular and always draws a throng of visitors, who can purchase "Fiordland Pounds" to place bets, and then use their "winnings" to bid for donated prizes in an auction. The money raised from this event goes to great local causes.

Sadly, in January 2014 this event is not taking place due to limited funding. Here's hoping it returns for 2015, as locals and visitors love it!