Te Anau Rodeo

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Te Anau RodeoTe Anau Rodeo
Yeee-haw! The Te Anau Rodeo is held annually (on 30 December) at the Rodeo grounds, a level 1km walk or cycle going north from the town centre. It's a family event featuring Team Roping, Bull Riding, Steer Wrestling, Rope & Tie and Barrel Racing. If you have no idea what that means but fancy wearing a cowboy hat for the day then head to the Te Anau Rodeo website to find out more!

But here's a quick explanation...

Team Roping is a timed event involving two people on horseback roping a steer; one person ropes the horns and the other person has to get a rope around the heels. 

Bull riding involves a rider having to stay on a bull for eight seconds in order to qualify for points and prize money. 

Steer wrestling is leaping off a horse onto a steer at high speed and dragging the steer to the ground, when the steer has to be held on the ground for a time period. 

Rope & tie involves a cowboy coming out at full speed on horseback to rope a calf running infront of him. He has to tip the steer upside down and rope it with his feet. The fastest man to do it wins. 

Barrel racing is a female event only and involves racing in a clover leaf pattern around three barrels in the fastest time. 

There is fun for the kids too. There is the calf ride; kids come out on calves just like a cowboy. There is also a sheep ride; whoever stays on the longest wins but there's lots of prizes. Generally they don't stay on that long!

The event prioritises animal welfare and there is always a vet and an animal welfare officer present. The St John's Ambulance and local volunteer Fire Brigade are also present to look after the humans too. 

There's a licensed bar and plenty of food stalls and entertainment, including a rodeo clown.  No BYO. Go to the Te Anau Rodeo website for more information.